RTR Annealing Oven/Laminator

RTR Annealing Oven/Laminator

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1.Substrate width:220mm~600mm
2.Substrate thickness:50µm~200µm (without PF)
3.Conveyor speed:0.5 ~ 5M/min.
4.Rewinding accuracy:≦±0.5 mm
5.Cutting accuracy:≦±0.5 mm
6.Laminating accuracy:≦±1mm
7.No material alarm

RTR tunnel oven: for film annealing, silver paste, ink, nano silver prebake or postbake
2.Precise tension control system
3.Automatic roll material diameter & tension algorithm
4.Special conveying design with reciprocal rollers
5.Roll material unwind/rewind or roll material unwind with sheet cutting available
6.EPC edge guide


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