CSUN has been adhering to the gratitude of “taking from the society and using it to the society” and regularly giving back to social groups and academia. The sponsoring groups also include the Rare Disease Foundation, Family Support Center, Upward Foundation, Yang Family Service Centers, etc., also participate in the support clubs of charitable organizations; in addition to donating to the underprivileged, we also spare no effort in cultivating industrial talents and continuing to cooperate with the Ming Chi University of Technology, Feng Chia University, Chung Hsing University, etc. including three significant aspects, ‘Educational and Internship Cooperation,’ ‘Academic Research Cooperation,’ and ‘Scholarship.’ At the same time, the company’s senior executives serve as lecturers in various universities to give full play to the spirit of industry teachers, inherit industry experience, and narrow the gap between learning and application; and vigorously promote sports trends and sponsor Taoyuan Zhongping Elementary School’s Baseball Team, encourages Taiwanese youths to go international and breeds future stars in the international arena. It also supports Taiwan’s international competitions, subsidizes colleagues in World Universiade events, and makes Taiwan shine internationally. In addition, the company’s internal also supports cultural activities with actions, promotes volunteer culture, provides all company employees with various information and channels to participate in social welfare activities, and cultivates a high-quality corporate culture of gratitude and mutual assistance among colleagues.