Since its establishment in 1966, CSUN has determined to become a world-class equipment leader in the industries of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Flat Panel Displays (FPD), touch screens, semiconductors, printing and coating, and electronic assembly. Through the strength of the “Enterprise Sustainable Development Committee,” it is committed to pursuing Employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders have the best interests, fulfilling their corporate citizenship responsibilities, and pursuing business sustainability.

Executive Management Approach

Uphold CSUN’s “Back to Basic” spirit and implement the four fundamentals:

  1. Corporate Governance:
    Persist in transparent operations and collective decision-making, invite board members with rich experience in the industry and academia to form a strong board organization, and set up an audit committee and a remuneration committee that is responsible for fully supervise the company’s legal operations, honest financial information, and the correct strategic management direction lay a good foundation for corporate governance.
  2. Employee care and Development:

    • Use the labor-management meeting as a bridge to communicate with colleagues regularly every quarter.
    • Make good use of the welfare development committee’s function to arrange various employee activities every year to improve humanistic quality and friendship among colleagues.
    • Establish multiple recruitment channels, conduct training and rotation for personnel at all levels, and cultivate lean, multi-tasking talents pragmatically.
  3. Safety and health:
    Take care of employees’ health as the purpose, and create a safe and comfortable working environment as the mission.
  4. Social Participation:

    • Actively carry out industry-university cooperation with schools, deepen core technologies, and cultivate high-quality talents for future industries.
    • Be keen to promote academic and cultural activities, help underprivileged groups, and encourage corporate volunteer culture.
    • Actively communicate with industry associations to enhance Taiwan’s industries and Technological competitiveness and contribute to society.