Establish a corporate culture of upholding the foundation, pragmatism, honesty, and integrity, paying attention to moral education, and striving for the common good of the team. Through different forms of training and inheritance, build the driving force for the sustainable operation of the enterprise, create a platform for employee development, and take care of employee development in an all-around way, striving to balance work and quality of life to enable employees with no worries and become long-term strategic partners of the company.

Implement training and inheritance; the supervisor formulates personal development plans for colleagues through new employee training, monthly management course training, and professional OJB training, supplemented by rotation and agency mechanisms, strengthens employees’ willingness and ability to work, and improves employees’ performance to achieve company goals.

In addition, make better use of the organization and operation of the Welfare Committee to organize employee travel, family days, festivals, end-of-year party, and other activities so that employees can enjoy various group activities after work and enhance parent-child interaction and friendship with colleagues. Moreover, formulate club subsidy measures to encourage employees to form healthy, musical, and dance clubs to improve colleagues’ artistic quality. Finally, to maintain food safety and health for colleagues, provide German Miele steamers for lunch so that colleagues can eat healthily and at ease.