The company is committed to creating a safe and comfortable working environment and ensuring employees’ health. In addition to subsidizing employee health checks, the company also strictly abides by domestic regulations, occupational safety and health, and fire protection regulations and establishes emergency response measures for disasters to protect every employee. Furthermore, protect the work safety of employees, and through the arrangement of disaster prevention lectures and monthly occupational disaster publicity, deeply rooted the concept of occupational disaster prevention in every CSUN employee, with the highest principle of preventing problems before they happen and regard employee safety as the core of enterprise operations priority.

  1.  Conduct at least one health checkup for all employees annually, and subsidize the health checkup items for employees.
  2. Implement the arrangement of disaster prevention lectures and monthly occupational disaster publicity.
  3. Lee Way Electronics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd., provides AED automatic external cardiac defibrillator, a portable first-aid device for general non-medical personnel used in cardiac arrest.
  4. To file and control each work-related injury case, count the type and frequency, and hold quarterly cross-factory senior executive and administrative meetings to review and propose improvement and prevention policies to create a safe and secure working environment.
  5. The number of people doing industrial safety education training was 81 in 110-Year, with training hours 315 hours in total.
  6. The company has had no disability injuries in 110-years, accounting for 0% of the total number of employees.